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Inflact Social Captain Bigbangram Gramista FollowingLike Instato Instazood Follow Adder Instagram Bot Follower
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What are the best
Instagram bot?

Instagram is all about engagement, period. If you want to grow your following on this platform, you have to constantly ask yourself a question: “How do I drive more engagement to my profile?” There are tons of marketing strategies out there that can help you attract more traffic. However, most of them come down to how often the average Instagram user sees your username while using the app. 

The amount of times your name appears in other people’s feed is proportional to the number of visits to your page, likes left on your photos, comments, direct messages, you name it. These examples are all strong engagement contributors and if you are just starting out on your Instagram strategy, there are a lot of repetitive actions you have to take inside the app. And to ease that process, people started building Instagram automation bots. 

An Instagram bot does all of those actions for you and you don’t even need to look at your phone. 

However, our beloved photo-sharing app has become really good at detecting spam and inorganic actions. We have all encountered those annoying comments under your average morning coffee photo like: “What a beautiful picture, can’t wait to see what you have next!” 

People started massively reporting such accounts for spam and Instagram dived really deep into the problem. Not only they banned overly spammy accounts, but they also shut down lots of badly designed automation software and rightly so. 

What are the criteria for your Instagram automation choice? 

There is a number of characteristics that you should draw your attention to when choosing the right automation bot. Check the most essential of them below: 

Number of actions per hour/day

There are certain limits that Instagram set to detect bots. There is no surprise that Instagram hasn’t put officially what are those numbers, but from the experience of many users and tests, some of these statistics are available. For example, an average profile can follow approximately 150-200 accounts per hour and like up to 1000 posts per day. However, keep in mind that those numbers may vary depending on how much Instagram trusts your page. There is no human trust involved though. If you are acting upon a verified page with more than 100 thousand followers and for some reason decided to follow 400 pages today, there is a much lesser probability of being flagged than a brand new page with few photos. Actually, the last one will most likely be banned after reaching 150 likes or so. All of the trustworthy services will set those limits for your page specifically, depending on the age of your account, following, amount of posted photos, etc. And this is the reason why you should look for services that set those limits for you. The best ones will not only do it by analyzing statistics with the software, but the real people will be involved in making those decisions. 

If a service claims that it’s capable of doing ten thousand actions per day, that should serve as a huge red flag. 

Customer service

If you have just a little knowledge of code and creating software, you already know that it’s not hard to build an automation tool of any kind. However, it all comes down to if you actually know what you are doing. That is why new automation services are born every day. You need to make sure that there are real people behind the service who know the industry inside out. No matter how good the software is, each case is different and most of the time it requires human input. The best tools always have fast and responsive customer support staff. 


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