How To Choose The Right Service? Bigbangram Reviews Are To Help You!


When it comes to effective Instagram promotion, many experts advise users to consider the possibility to use Instagram bots and other automated services that can facilitate and speed up the development of an account.

The problem is that due to a great number of various auto services, it’s not the easiest task to choose the most reliable and, what’s even more important, the safest service.

If you look through the websites of all IG bot services, you will see that all of them claim that they are the best ones. But to get even the most general understanding whether it’s really so, you need to try out this service or at least to read some fair reviews.

What have you heard about Bigbangram Reviews?

Binbangram reviews can help you to decide whether this service is worth your attention. To help you to make up your mind, I’ve decided to analyze the advantages and disadvantages of this service. I hope that it will be useful for you.

Bigbangram: what opportunities it can offer for you

It’s impossible to imagine any Bigbangram reviews, without at least a short description of the entire functionality of the service.

Instagram bot represents itself a combination of all the most popular and the most highly-demanded auto tools in one.

They are:

  • Autoliking
  • Autofollowing,
  • Autounfollowing
  • Comment tracking
  • Messaging
  • Posting

Moreover, having chosen Bigbangram for your IG promotion you can enjoy the possibilities of a hashtag generator (absolutely free), as well as an option to buy likes and comments.

But how to organize your promotion?

It’s possible to build your interaction with your target audience by launching a promo campaign based on their locations, used or liked hashtags, your targets, and usernames of your rivals. These are the most popular and convenient options for getting followers.


Thanks to auto liking and following, your chances to get new followers are increasing. To set up a promo campaign, you don’t need to spend long hours. Everything is quite simple.

In case you need to reach the highest level of precise targeting, filters are always at your disposal.

I am personally a huge fan of the services that are built to ensure really fantastic efficiency. To my mind, it’s extremely important for those IG users who have already managed to reach some level of popularity and now need not only to grow the number of followers but to ensure the activity and engagement of the audience.

If you have followed too many accounts and now need to unfollow them (at least a part of them), with Bigbangram you can forget about boring manual unfollowing. Just 1 click and you will unfollow 100, 300 or even 700 users.


If you are afraid to lose your personal connections, the filters will help you to exclude all the possible unpleasant surprises.


As for the direct messenger, Bigbangram does not offer you something amazingly unique but it’s definitely a thing that you need to pay attention to. You can create messages in advance and the system will send them to those people who will be indicated by you (all followers, followers included in some lists or all your new followers).

Need to prepare a post beforehand as you are not sure whether you’ll have any time for posting your pic later? Use the scheduled posting module.

But the most interesting thing for me personally is a comments tracker. It’s not a feature that is widely presented by every service. Many of them are just preparing for its launch or even don’t have plans to offer it. When you have a large audience and receive many comments, it may be rather difficult to manage them all from your smartphone. Bigbangram is able to help you in such a situation: all your comments are collected in one place which gives you a possibility to organize your response in a comfortable and efficient way.

What’s more, the system is able to recognize negative comments and delete them (if you wish). So, as for me, I think it’s a very useful tool, especially for accounts with a large audience.

Safety and special features

The main issue that is a pressing one for a lot of users is safety. That’s why I’ve paid my special attention to this aspect. I can say without any doubts that the platform is safe both for your account and data.  The safety of your data can be proved with an HTTPS certificate that the website has while the safety of your account itself (and absence of risks to have it blocked) is guaranteed by the limits that the service follows.

BigBangram claims that you can get 40-50 followers per day which is ensured by the strict following of IG limits. But if you are not satisfied with these figures you can try out different settings.

Among other interesting features that I’ve noticed are:

  • a possibility to manage multiple accounts;
  • a free proxy set;
  • and an opportunity to avoid your responsibility to set up your promotion, as the service offers to do it for you. Moreover, a full analysis of your account can be provided for free.

There is also a separate SMM service on Bigbangram. The team promises to build a sophisticated strategy for you to guarantee your success on social media.

Prices: how much should you pay for this Instagram bot service?

To activate Bigbangram’s IG bot service, you need to pay either $1 for a 3 day trial period or $15 dollars for a monthly subscription. During the trial period, you will get access to all the features available except free proxy.

For the Direct messenger, you’ll have to pay either $1 for a trial period or $9 dollars for a monthly subscription. The same prices are applicable for the Comment tracker. The Posting module costs $13 per month (and $1 dollar for a trial period).

Support: How can you reach the team?

The team is available 7 days per week via online chat, email, and social media. The working hours are the following ones: