Follow Adder Reviews: Is Truth Being Covered?

This article is dedicated to those who are currently in search of the best automation tool for their beloved Instagram accounts. And this is the most complete and honest of all Follow Adder reviews you can find on the Net. The tool is curious and interesting to analyze. I highly recommend reading the article till the end to find out whether the tool worth your close attention or it’s just another banana peel you will slip-on. 

Any alternatives?

  • Ingramer 

A secure Instagram bot which provides you with quality likes and followers thanks to the possibility to adjust the most proper targeting based on Location, Hashtags, Usernames, Gender, Language, and Timezone filters. The additional services: Scheduled Posting, Free Hashtag generator, Auto Messenger.

But, I know you came here to learn things or two about Follow Adder. Shall we begin?

Brief overview 

Follow Adder is a software app which traditionally automates “Instagram followers and promotion.” Yes, it’s an application and requires downloading, and yes, we don’t get used to it. But still it promises fine results, and we need to take that into account. 

Honestly, once I opened the official website of Follow Adder, my first impression was “damn, am I in preGoogle times again?” Do people still develop such pages? But, throwing all prejudice to the wind, I managed to deliver the fullest ‘inside’ analysis. 

Feature set

FollowAdder offers quite a wide range of functions which are supposedly are to drive your promotion. But they presented in such an “original” way that I simply was confused by them.

Follow/Unfollow. At first sight, it seems these are standard functions which all the bots present. But this bot adds the feature of Follow Back to it. Which is undoubtedly a huge plus… but speaking frankly, I see no benefit it can bring to the promotion.
Schedule Posts. There is info about the function, but it’s communicated in a special manner as Photo Lists.
Like Back Photos. If someone like yours. Good, but not so advantageous as they think, probably. 
Auto Unlike. Another strange option. But if you like it, go ahead.
Photo Liker and Commenter. The bot will like and send comments for the photos of the target audience. 
Direct Message. Allows sending greetings to each new follower and other types of DMs.

Create Lists.  

  • Users. This feature allows creating lists of usernames for commenting, following, and sending DMs. 
  • Photos. That’s what I call Scheduled Posting, but I’m not sure, really.
  • Comments. You create a list of various comments and use it while setting up the Auto Commenting.

Search by Hashtag, Geo Location of, photo, or comments. It looks like it’s targeting settings, but still, there is no clear info about it.


There is no a single word about the performance level of the bot on the official website. That speaks volume as if there is nothing to speak of. 

Yes, it works for sure, but its performance is not even close to the one that other IG bots show. It attracts more or less target audience, and that’s not the worst index. Believe me, I’ve tested the tools much worse than this one.

As for the numbers, for 7 Days, I got around 90 new followers. That’s not a bad result, but could be better, taking into account that there is no trial period and I had to pay for the service.


Follow Adder faces some security issues, no doubt. First, the website itself is estimated as not secure by my antivirus software. Second, the fact that you have to download the app, which doesn’t promise any security is quite risky. The app can appear to be malware.

There is some info that the application supports proxy services. Well, that’s the step forward.


The Support is basically a Helpdesk, Tutorial Videos section, User Guide section, and Software Updates section. Don’t ask me why Software Updates are considered to be Support.

That’s the helpdesk. The info is brief but quite helpful. Again, if to speak about the way it is designed, I’m speechless.

The User Guide is just a mess.


When you open the Pricing section, you see the 5 packages which are eloquently called Starter, Premium, Professional, Agent, and Publicist. All of them offer the same access to all the features. The main difference is the number of accounts you can promote with the help of this bot.

In addition, you can not purchase a bot for a week or a standard month, only for 6 Months at once. Honestly, that’s not the best idea, but here I can not judge, that’s the management’s decision.

Starter – 1 account – $49,99
Premium – 3 accounts – $75
Professional – 5 accounts – $115
Agents – 10 accounts – $188
Publicist – 25 accounts – $425

But if to look deeper, 1 month of one acc promotion will cost you $8,33. That’s cheap.

There is one more stumbling block: the team doesn’t specify that the money will be debited automatically after the ‘expiry date.’ That’s why there are only negative Follow Adder reviews can be met on the Net. All the people are asking for a refund. And as I managed to understand, not successfully – the support team is not so willing to respond to all requests.