Looking for Gramista Reviews? Here Is the Truth!

It seems to me that I found my predestination in this life: enlighten the public about the usage of all possible services, apps, and methods of promoting an Instagram account. I just hope that all this information that I share with you will help you to allocate your resources in the right way and reach real success not only on Instagram but in life. 

No need to search for any Gramista reviews anymore! Because today’s hero is Gramista, quite famous Instagram bot. What I like about it is the website: funny texts, understandable description of the modus operandi. But is it really worth paying around $40 per month? Let’s dig into the question!

Brief overview

As I said, Gramista is an Instagram bot, whose team certainly has a good fantasy judging by the marvelous texts they introduce on the official website. They promise to help us take our accounts to the new level through automatic liking and following. Interesting.

They say that they offer the most efficient Instagram automation, which is available on Earth. Simple and honest: they will never tell your personal data to anybody else. Standard.

Feature set

Through studying the Gramista website, I realized that the functionality of it is not super vast.

Liker. Standard feature. Nothing to add.

Follower/Unfollower. The same story. It worth mentioning that the only advanced perk of both Liker and Follower/Unfollower is the ability to choose the speed at which the tool will interact with other users.

By the way, on their website, they offer unlimited likes and follows, which is strange. Hope, they are aware of Instagram limits.

Targeting through hashtags, usernames, locations, and gender. All is simple in case of tags, usernames, and locations. As for the gender filter, Gramista claims that it will only TRY TO GUESS the gender and that it doesn’t promise the precise targeting by the gender criteria.

Boost. The feature which increases the number of performed likes and follows.

Activity timezone. I love this feature. It enables choosing the time at which the service is active; usually, it’s your target audience timezone.

Smart mode. It took time for me to get what’s the concept of this feature. It enables interacting with the users who are connected to your followers and followings, in so-called inner circles. Not the worst idea, I must admit. It enhances the accuracy of the targeting.

Blacklist. You can add either leprous hashtags or usernames which the tool will avoid.


The most exciting part of the article.

Guy, yes, it does attract new likes and followers to your precious accounts, but there is a huge ‘Stop, wait!’. The one peculiarity that I noticed is that most of the attracted users are absolutely random, and sometimes there were fake accounts. I was curious whether I’m the only loser among Gramista users and came across tons of similar reviews on the Web.

The inability to track the activity live also adds some negativity to the general impression. So you can’t see what posts a bot likes.

Moreover, for the 12 hours Trial (which is certainly not enough) the process was stopped a couple of times, which was annoying enough.


I really consider the security is Gramista’s strong point. Of course, nothing could happen for just 12 hours. Instagram didn’t ask me to reset the password, my action wasn’t blocked. 

But the devs friendly ask not to use the Instagram app while the script is active. Not much convenient. 


Gramista promise 24/7 support. But there is no Live Chat, so that’s a weighty minus.

As I faced no difficulties, there were no urgent questions I’d like to ask the support team. So I decided to check FAQ first. 

I liked the Support section. You can either enter your issue in the search line, all the relevant articles, FAQs and how-tos are immediately at your disposal. That’s convenient. 

Moreover, they offer to contact their support by submitting a request. I submitted one, still waiting for the reply. 


Gramista prices are a little excessive. Almost $2 for one day is too much for the tool which functions include only automatic liking, following and unfollowing. The most beneficial package is 90-days one, traditionally. 

1 day – $1.79
3 days – $4.99
7 days – $10.99
30 days – $39.99
60 days – $64.99
90 days – $89.99

However, there is some inconvenience, all the packages can be applied just for 1 account. If you want to promote a couple of your accounts, you need to pay for each one separately. 
As I said, the Trial is free but only for 12 hours.