Inflact Reviews: Let’s Check What The Service Can Offer

If you are interested in using an Instagram bot, one of the first steps to make your choice is to read the available reviews.  Is Inflact also included to your list of “candidates” to be applied? Then there is little surprise that you are looking for reliable Inflact reviews. And this one can be definitely referred to this group.

When you are examining any service or product what is the main criterion that you usually pay your attention to? For the majority of us, it’s a price-quality ratio. 

The same principle can be used for analyzing the services of different Instagram bots. Looking ahead, I can tell you that Inflact is just a bright example to demonstrate how it is possible to get high-quality services and impressive results without paying millions for them. And a lot of Inflact reviews can prove it.

In this review, we will look at the range of features that this service offers and then try to make a conclusion on whether it really makes sense to use it to promote your account.

What about the features that Inflact can offer you?

The tool can provide you with the following features:

  • automated liking
  • automated following/unfollowing
  • scheduled posting
  • IG hashtag generator (free of charge!)

Auto commenting and direct messaging are also to be added soon. Nevertheless, at the moment on the web site, you’ll find an announcement that they will become available in a couple of months.

To understand the specificity of this service better, let’s look closer at its key features.

Auto promotion

If you are tired of promoting your account on your own, Inflact can greatly help you. Just in a couple of clicks, your interaction with your target audience can start.

You have several options on how to limit your target audience. Inflact offers you to search for your potential followers among those who use some hashtags (or like posts with them), among those who are interested in the activity of your competitors and among those who live or travel to some concrete locations. 


Such an approach will help you to make your promotion absolutely targeted. You won’t pay just for getting new followers, you’ll pay for the growth of your own audience that will be interested in what you are doing and in what you are offering.

An important advantage is that all the settings are made just in a couple of seconds. The interface of the service is intuitively clear and you don’t need to spend long hours trying to understand where to find something.

A big plus is an opportunity to apply advanced filters to make your promotion more efficient.


For those who are interested in a very narrow target audience and have very strict criteria for accounts to interact with, there is a section of pro filters. Nevertheless, the service warns that the application of these filters may affect the rates of your promotion. But you can still try them out as at any moment when you consider it necessary, you will have a possibility to restore all your applied filters to default.


In general, such a range of opportunities makes the services equally useful for both newcomers and experienced Instagrammers who want to give a push to the development of their accounts.

On your dashboard, you can see the results of your activities in order to analyze whether you have chosen the right settings or maybe it could be much more sensitive to change them.

Scheduled posting

This feature is not the unique one, nevertheless, you also should know that Inflact offers you a possibility to manage your posts much in advance. Using a scheduled posting tool, you can upload a pic (but be careful, its size shouldn’t be more than 2 MB which could represent some inconveniences for those users who prefer to post high-quality professional photos. It means that you need to edit your file if its size exceeds the allowed limits).

With Inflact you can also crop your photo if it has a wrong shape (if you post a pic directly from the Instagram app, it’s not an obligatory requirement to share square pic only).

So, in case you follow all the Inflact’s requirement to your photo, you can fully prepare your post, add captions and hashtags. Everything is extremely easy with this part.

ingramer- shedule posting tool

Hashtag generator

An extremely pleasant bonus for all Inflact users (it’s even better to say, to all Instagram users) is an opportunity to get the most useful (=popular) hashtags just in two clicks. Inflact allows you to search for appropriate hashtags based on the keyword, pic (an AI algorithms will analyze it) and even a link to your already published post.

ingramer-hashtag generator
Instagram hashtag generator

What about safety?

Your safety is ensured by the strict limitation of the number of actions per day. The limits are defined based on your chosen targeting and activity settings. According to the information provided, Inflact is one of a limited number of auto IG tools that manage to stay afloat even during the strongest waves of IG “clean-up” operations.

What about support?

An amazing thing that I really like is the work of the support team. They are not playing hide-and-seek and offer you several variants for contacting them: there is an online chat (and a detailed timetable of the working hours), email support as well as the customer support via social networks. When I tried to reach them voa an online chat, I got a reply within a couple of minutes.

ingramer - supprot

If you prefer to look for answers on your own there is a FAQ section and an excellent blog with real case studies and a wide range of useful tips.

And finally, what about prices?

For 2 weeks of basic promotion you need to pay $22;
For 1 month – $34;
For 3 months – $85.
For 2 weeks of scheduled posting, the fee is $18.
For 1 month – $28;
For 3 months – $70.

If you order both these options simultaneously, it will be cheaper:


For a 3-day trial period of each option, you need to pay less than a dollar – just $0.95.

To pay, you can use either the PayPal system or your debit or credit card.