The Most Detailed of All Instato Reviews: Is It Good Enough?

This morning, drinking my tenth cup of coffee I became thoughtful why people are so naive and subservient. There are so many services which promise you fast and painless promotion and you believe them with joy. You start using them, burn your fingers and then cry that all the Instagram bots are scammers. So I decided to be your personal Myth Buster which will save you from making some mistakes. 

Have you ever heard about Instato? I’ve become interested in this bot after I came across a couple of ambiguous Instato reviews. This evening I decided to dig deeper. Make yourself comfortable, read till the end. 

Any alternatives?

As a keen specialist, I would like to recommend my fav service for promotion on Instagram.

  1. Ingramer

The automation of all your marketing activity on Instagram is provided by Artificial Intelligence algorithms. That enables the safest and the most qualified promotion.  In addition, it takes twice more actions than any other existing bot.

Brief Overview

Instato is an average tool for the automatization of certain activities on your Instagram. The first impression of it was “nice!” The website wins our favor at first sight: the interface is simple, attractive and what’s more important understandable. 

But as we know that does not guarantee the expected results at all. That’s why we are moving forward.

Feature set

Auto Follow.  Automatic following of the target accounts. Nothing special. 
Auto Unfollow. You can unfollow everybody but save some in the White list.
Auto Like. It likes only the post of those accounts which it starts following.
Auto Comments. The feature enables automatic commenting on the posts.
View Stories. The automation of the dull work of watching users’ Stories to draw their attention.
Welcome, Direct messages. It sends a welcoming message to each new follower. But it would be great to use DM not only for greetings.
Auto Repost which is not available. They say it will help to stay active, but I doubt that’s a good method, you can’t control the content it will repost. 
Auto Post. That’s a useful feature which helps you to manage your content without leaving the dashboard. That makes some sense in comparison to auto repost.


It seems that such a broad feature set should bring only great results. But as for me there is one disadvantage of the bot which spoils the first positive impression of it. I’m talking about the targeting settings, which predetermine the results of the promo campaign. The narrower your targeting settings, the more precise promotion will be. Instato fails to provide that.

Instato allows set either Hashtags or Place or People targeting. So you have to choose just one option which is not the best idea. In the result, we receive not so quality followers as we desire to get. That’s a critical aspect. 

The 3 day-trial has ended with 70 new followers half of which I swear, I will block, cause they harm my reputation. Beside the point, you can imagine what users were followed by the tool… not ones I would follow. Imprecise targeting is one of the major drawbacks of Instato.


If you don’t want to lose your account, you should pay special attention not only to the number of users which bot can draw but the security level which the tool provider. For 3 day of trial period, I received just one action block. Unfortunately, there are lots of users who were not so lucky: some accs were shadowbanned. 

Why does it happen with Instato users? First of all, it is the imperfection of the applied algorithms of this Instagram bot, which do not follow the Instagram limits accurately. Second, is the users’ ability to choose the speed of promotion. Knowing that most of you choose the fastest option, which is not secure enough.

I don’t want to take such risks.


There is no info about the support team on the official website. That means, that they do not want to stress the fact that they won’t answer all the questions immediately 24/7. That’s sad, that’s not promising.

The User Manual is OK, but I see that there are some people who were not satisfied with it.

Moreover, there are no Live Chat or even an email address to send a request. Only after spending a couple of minutes searching for that, I finally found it! Well, at least it exists.

Experimentally, I’ve sent a request to them asking some trivial things. More than 24 hours passed, still waiting for the reply. Not quality of customer support speaks about the professionalism of the whole team more than numbers.


Instato offers only 3 packages, each for 1 month. The price depends on the number of accounts you’d like to promote. Moreover, the Spintax Support is presupposed for Team and Agency modules.

Personal – 1 account – $29,95
Team – 5 accounts – $49,95
Agency – 15 accounts – $99,95

Props Cons
User-friendly interface
Nice feature set
Not accurate targeting
Security issues
Price above average
Only Stripe payments
Customer support 

One more point that should be taken into account – all the payments are processed by Stripe. I love Stripe but know that it’s available not for all countries. So check it before you decide to use it.