FollowingLike Review: Not the usual blah blah blah!

Marketing on social media is becoming the perfect way to promote your business and brand. To launch a successful marketing campaign, you first need to optimize your Instagram. 

Simply put, one should gain genuine followers to promote the account. Thanks to Instagram’s growing popularity, you can find many tools for improving your marketing strategy on this social platform.
I have to spend a lot of time and effort in finding IG tools I think you’d like to know about. FollowingLike has turned out to be one of the most popular services. Still, there is a thing that caught my eyes – I have found a bunch of positive FollowingLike Reviews on the internet, no one negative though. Sure thing that its ability to work with all major social network sites helps him to stand out. But to get off the chest, there are still some better alternatives.

Brief overview

FollowingLike promotes itself as a PERFECT tool that works with a bunch of social media accounts like FB, IG, G+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Tumblr, Reddit, etc. The company positions itself as a revolutionary tool for social network marketing. The app runs many platforms to automate and interact with. It’s perfectly ok but is it really as compelling as it seems to be? Here’s my sneak peek into some of the features of this service.

Popularity: The devs claim that popularity is going up. For real? For starters, FollowingLike has a negative dynamic in driving traffic. In the period from January to June 2019, the attendance of the official site has decreased by 47.86%. An average user spends 1 minute 17 seconds on the site. The failure rate is 61.17%. As you see, it is hard to say that FollowingLike enjoys its popularity.

The list of the main functions

The function definition is crystal clear: follow/unfollow, like, reply comments, send DM, auto post, etc. Nothing special to engage potential clients. Almost every automation tool has the same set of options.


Instead of genuine followers, you will get fake accounts because it is impossible for this service to control real users. Obviously, Following Like does not come to grips with its task. That is why one should be careful in using this tool in order to avoid risk.

The program causes complaints among competent users. Others automation tools’ interface is intuitively clear, while FollowingLike leaves some disappointments. At the same time, the power consumption of the program reduces the PC’s performance.


FollowingLike doesn’t use API based connections and operates with proxies, so the security of your accounts is safe with them. As they say, bugs and shortcomings are fixed. On the other hand, I have found an awful lot of comments like “Software is completely bugs and crashes”. Users do not feel secure. So, who should I believe? Plus, you need to do everything to observe the limits, so that Instagram does not delete or ban accounts.


I would call their tech support very weak. Developers do not provide it to the full extent. People have no clue about the product that supposedly is going to help them with. Users do everything at their own risk. To cut a long story short, I am very disappointed in the service I received from FollowingLike and I am troubled that many issues remain unresolved.


Its pricing seems very inconsistent for some reason. 399$ ”one-time fee’ for the ultimate version seems like a no-brain deal, while each social network costs 169 dollars. It does not look like a worthwhile deal, does it? Plus, now and then their customers receive an email about charging $5.99 a month after buying a LIFETIME license… Say no more.