Most Honest of Social Captain Reviews: Is It Really the Best One?

Instagram and everything that it touches upon is a competitive place to insanity. Tools for promotion on the social network haven’t been spared this fate. This is so much the case, that the fake reviews and mutual insinuations appear at speed I gain kilos. So, I hope this article will bring you closer to the realness.

There are lots of tools and services on the Web which offer a fast promotion on Instagram. I aim to give you the comprehensive idea of each of them for you can find the most suitable one. My today’s guinea-pig is Social Captain, beloved hated Instagram Assistant. I’ve read tons of Social Captain reviews before starting testing it, curious fact – I’ve found either the extremely positive ones or crazy negative ones, nothing in between. So, let’s reveal anything of importance regarding this “magical” tool.

Brief overview

SocialCaptain is a tool which offers to get real likes, followers, and comments thanks to targeted marketing and Artificial Intelligence technology applied.

Well, the team is all-fired sure of itself. Right on the home page, you’ll find the grand rhetoric stressing their superiority over other automation tools. It freely claims that they are the smartest, the fastest, the safest, and the most honest service in comparison to others. Is the great gift for smearing the competitors a competitive edge of SocialCaptain? Well, will see. 

In-depth analysis Feature set

Functionality. That’s the first thing we pay attention to while choosing an Instagram bot. It should meet all our requirements according to the aims we pursue. 

Unfortunately, I didn’t manage to find any adequately described information about what functionality the tool possesses.  Only through opening the Pricing section I managed to find a little bit more about what I am going to pay for. There are two options at our disposal: Growth and Turbo.

Smart Automation
Real Time Results
Live Analytics
Unlimited Actions

10X Speed
Dedicated Support

To discover any information which would tell me what is what and what results I will get using it appeared to be back-breaking toil.

Later I realized that actually, both of the plans presuppose automatic liking, following, unfollowing and commenting. The main difference is speed. 

Thought, I found out that enumerate those features which are not quite available for now, that’s pretty disappointing. From my point of view, that’s an unfair method of running a business.


General efficiency defines the quality of a product. That’s why we pay enormous attention to the number and quality of interactions the tool makes and to the result we see. 

Due to Machine Learning technology applied to the process, the tool’s performance is good. Yes, efficiency is undoubtful. 

SocialCaptain attracts real likes and followers through liking, commenting, and following the target audience.  And through unfollowing, it recovers the “cleanliness” of the account.

The targeting is realized through usernames, locations, hashtags, and gender filter. That enables the most accurate interactions with Instagram users. 

For a trial day, I got 20 followers and around 150 likes under the recent posts. 


Modern times engage us to keep a close watch to our personal data. That’s why security is not the least important point.

The soft spot of SocialCaptain is account security, certainly. Most of the negative reviews I came across on such platforms as Trustpilot and Reddit were about the account blocks and other security-related issues.

I faced security issues at the very beginning. When I tried to add my account to the system more than 7 times. Eventually, Instagram asked me to change my password to secure my full of suffering account.


For any service, to provide complete support for their customers is an affair of honor and professionalism.

There is a live-chat pop-up on the SocialCaptain homepage which connects you with a bot and asks to enter the email to start communication with the Support Team member. Most of the service users point out that the Support team isn’t available at all, it’s not responsive. Quite important note, taking into account that the administration promises the 24/7 Technical support.

As I didn’t manage to add my account, I decided to look through the FAQ, which is not precise by the way. I learned nothing new from it and wrote to the support team with the question “what’s the heck is going on.” In 1 hour, my message still wasn’t seen. So I quit the idea. Angely was always “Away.”


It speaks volume when a price corresponds to the quality. 

The price SocialCaptain sets varies depending on which option you choose. As I’ve already mentioned, there it 2 variant for you: Growth and Turbo. You can choose the Growth option for a week or for a month and the Turbo option only for a month. That’s quite a limited choice.

For Growth 1 Week – $15

For Growth 1 Month – $39

For Turbo 1 Month – $99

Honestly, Social Captain is one of the most expensive tools for promotion I’ve ever met.

The Trial is free but lasts only for 1 day. That’s not enough to estimate the quality, performance, and the results of the promotional campaign. You have to pay $15 to try it for a week – pretty witty, I would say.

Answering the question “Is SocialCaptain the best as it claims,” I would say as vaguely as they present their service –  that it’s not such a bad service, but it has something to strive for.