All the Latest Instagram Updates of 2019

instagram updates

Instagram developers add new interesting, sometimes ambiguous features to their application on an incredibly regular basis. Frequent updates keep it fresh and stimulate activity. If Instagram is an essential platform for you, but for some reason, you’ve lost this rhythm for some time and did not notice any changes, then it’s time to catch up. In this article, I have collected all the main Instagram updates.

13 Instagram updates you may have missed

Account for creators

Bloggers with over 10,000 followers can switch their access to Creator version. It has statistics, just like in business accounts, but in addition, it offers extra tools. If you actively run your page but don’t sell anything, then this feature is for you.

Using the Creator account, you can see how many followers you have attracted daily, and all other statistics from the business account will remain after switching to the Author Account. Even with the help of such an account, it will be possible to collaborate with brands and stores officially.

New Stickers in Stories

Quiz sticker. In stories, you can now conduct a quiz using tests. Ask a question, provide some options from which users can choose and indicate the right one. Chat sticker. Now you can create group chats even faster. Just add the right sticker to your Stories. You can choose what requests to approve and what to reject. So communication becomes convenient.

Donation sticker. The feature is similar to the one already presented on Facebook – fundraising and donation tools for charitable or personal purposes. Hmm if I ask for money for a new trip, will people respond?

Horizontal video on IGTV 

Instagram announced that in addition to vertical videos, IGTV now supports downloading of good quality horizontal videos.

Polls in ads

The ability to create polls appeared in Stories ads. By launching a campaign through an advertising account on Facebook, you can add your poll. When adding a poll, you can add two answer options, choose the lay of the sticker and its rotation.

Links to Stories

Instagram introduces a new feature that allows users to share links in Stories. Now it will be even easier for brands (those who have more than 10K followers) to promote their Stories.

Quick Stories promotion

Business accounts get the opportunity to promote Stories from your account on Instagram. The function will work similarly to the “Promotions” button in posts.

This will help attract additional traffic to the site, receive new followers, and more direct messages. With this option, brands can increase their reach on Instagram, not limited to current subscribers.

New Profile and Recommendations

In the updated profile, we got a new arrangement of elements. What was changed?

  1. The avatar (profile photo) is located on the right side.
  2. The description is moved to the left of the screen, under the name of the page.
  3. Data on the number of Followers and Followings will now be below, under the profile description.
  4. The design of the communication buttons is changed. Now they look like buttons, not tabs.

As for the Recommendations, a new navigation bar has appeared. Sections of IGTV and shopping were added, as well as thematic sections, such as style, cars, travel, and others.

Publication on several accounts simultaneously (being tested)

Instagram will allow you to post to multiple accounts at once. The functionality will be available to all iOS users, and it is not yet clear whether it will be released for Android.

When the feature is available, you will see that “Publish to other accounts” appears next to the ‘people’s and geolocation options.

Direct on Desktop

Using Direct on computers is what we have been waiting for a long time. Instagram developers are testing the ability to read and send Direct messages from a computer. This may end the era of “only mobile” Instagram.

IGTV in Feed

Preview videos from IGTV in the Feed. Instagram will add one minute of IGTV video preview to the Feed to make this content easier to find.

Likes Removal (being tested)

Instagram launches the ability to disable visible likes. Thus, the developers plan to lower the significance of this indicator, giving users the opportunity to focus on the quality of their work, and not on the approval of strangers. ‘That’s a noble aim.

New ban policy

The devs are still trying to improve the platform. If you violate the red line with your content, you will receive “Your post goes against our community guidelines.” If you do not fix it, your account may be deleted.

Followings sorting

You can apply some sorting filters to your list of Followings, which makes it more convenient to search for users. “Date Followed” sorting is available now: Default, Latest, Earliest.

Closing Word

There was all the Instagram updates 2019. Now you can freely go and try some of the new features. Maybe it will be the magic pill for your business, who knows?