How to Get Instagram Followers Using Instagram Bot?

What can please our ambition and boost self-esteem more than the great activity on your Instagram? The gazillion of likes, no fewer comments and the number of fans which would be equal to the Ronaldo audience on Instagram… If you do not dream about it, you are simply afraid of it. 

But what’s more important is that you finally found out this article and now are ready to absorb all the knowledge of mine. And while you imagine that you are SpongeBob SquarePants, I’m ready to share what I’ve learned during these long years of Social Media Marketing experience and bots testing.

Thus, you will discover how to get Instagram followers using an Instagram bot, how to choose the best one, and some additional tricks which will help to achieve the desired and long-awaited results.

Get your eyes ready; it will be a long ride!

10 Steps to get Instagram followers using an Instagram bot

First thing you need to remember once and for all is the bots I’m talking about present the services for automation, not those fake account everybody imagines seeing the word “bot.”

Usually, such tools adapt the algorithms which enable the speeded up but organic growth of your base of followers and simultaneously the boost of their engagement. All thanks to legal automation, no cheating, no purchasing, only careful, quality promo campaign

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Now let’s go through the ten steps you need to take in order to raise your account to the next, ‘high league’ level.

1. Make up your strategy, make Instagram bot part of it

Strategic thinking is a virtue of all successful business people. You should develop this quality as well, as Instagram is business as well, and we must admit an extremely competitive one. So the prime focus of yours should be laid on the making up the strategy, full and complete. 

To create a strategy, answer two fundamental questions: who is your target audience (TA) and what attracts it. To answer the first question, put down the gender, age, the geography of it, that’s what we call target audience profile. To answer the second one, become a psychologist, think over, what posts will be to your audiece liking, what formats will it prefer. If you can’t decide on that, snoop in your competitors’ way of running the business on IG.

Once you did that, set the aim and pursue it. Get real but dream high. An Instagram bot will help you. 

2. Configure targeting settings

As you have already defined your target audience, adjust your Instagram bot accordingly. In most cases, Instagram bots allow you to tune the targeting with the help of hashtags, location, and usernames.

Hashtags. There are specific hashtags that your audience is supposed to use. You should point out those. A bot will recognize those accs thanks to artificial intelligence applied.

Location. You can narrow the search by pointing out the place from which your assumed audience will publish its posts. 

Usernames. Are there users which audience is similar to yours and you would like to draw them to your profile? It can be your bitterest competitor or a star to steer by.

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I’ve met some bots which offer more advanced targeting filters which allows more precise promotion consequently.

Gender. For a particular type of business, the gender of consumers is crucial – barbershops, beauty studios, men clothes stores, and so on. If your business is particular gender oriented, adjust the gender targeting.

Language. You can produce the highest quality sombreros and fix the Spanish language as a priority for the automation tool. In any case, that won’t be odd.

You can add certain hashtags, locations, and usernames, you would like to skip. Thus, a bot won’t interact with the users who meet the definition. 

3. Start liking and following

Finally, you can start drawing some followers and likers to your acc. How is it happening? The bot begins to like and follow those accs which meet the targeting filters. 

Once they notice that activity directed towards them, they start to express their interest towards you in a natural way. What’s the result? They go to your profile, look through your posts, if they are out of sight, users will like them, and follow your account. 

There are no such actions implemented which couldn’t be conducted by a human, nothing extraordinary, just technology.

I have met bots which allows you to choose the number of likes which bot should leave for each account it interacts with and to set the filters in such a way, that a tool will interact only with unique accounts and accounts with an avatar.

Another cool feature that can add some value to your promotion is the possibility to leave likes for your new followers – under their comments and Feed. Will it cause more trust to you as a person? Sure, it will!

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4. Unfollow is a must-do

I will say it just once; you need to switch the unfollow process. Otherwise, your Followings section will be as full as the optimist’s glass. As the process of auto following brings a Lot of users to your followings list, their number will become enormous with time. And if you take into account that there is a certain Instagram limit for Following (which is 7,500), the auto unfollowing is just a necessity.

Moreover, the certain balance of your Followings and Followers affect the general impression your account leave. If you want to maintain a solid reputation, start unfollowing. 

Some automation tools make it possible to unfollow only new followings made by them, or all not mutual followings, or all of them. 

5. Add Stories views 

There was a story: one day my friend comes to me screaming, “Oh My God, look who viewed my Stories [showing the pic of the celeb we all know], can’t believe it! How is it possible? The best day of my life blah-blah” Of course, I got to the heart of the matter at the same minute, but I never told my friend about it. I let her be happy.

Thus, automatic Stories viewing is a great option! It draws attention more than any like. Why? People love when their Stories are viewed because it’s Stories that hog the blanket on Instagram. They are flashy, and people show themselves there more open-heartedly, without much Lightroom and thinking.  

So if you watch somebody’s Stories, be sure I won’t be unnoticed. Use this opportunity to make your account a little bit popular.

6. Don’t forget about Comments

We continue to bust out all the charm nature endowed us and start ‘spamming’ with pleasant comments in order to win Instragrammers’ favor. 

To start using this function, you need to write a couple of amazing comments which will suit most of the photos. Just fair warning, it’s better not to write trivial comments like “wonderful picture” or “you look beautiful.” Switch on your creative muscle! Ask a question which would provoke the following conversation. That is such a great opportunity; you just need to use it wisely. 

And remember, the comments shouldn’t be advertising. If you think that people will be interested in the comment “Hello, I’m selling pans, go to my page,” you are too naive, my friend. There more sophisticated techniques required.

For instance, “looks stunning, who’s a photographer?!”, “why can’t I make such photos?” “gosh, this composition is killing.”

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Got the idea? Ok, moving forward!

7. Use auto Direct messages

How to persuade people that you appreciate them? How to trigger this sacred “high engagement rate” around which so much hype created? Question Instagram developers! Just kidding. Just send a couple of messages in their Direct!

The concept is quite similar to one of the auto comments: you prepare some scripts, point out the recipients and the end. The logical question will be, “hey, what messages should I send then?” 

The first message – always welcoming. Say Hi to your new followers, express some gratitude for following you, since they started following you voluntarily. Remember that it is not cheating. 

All the rest messages should reflect the purpose you pursue on Instagram. If your aim is to sell some goods and services, write selling messages which would offer a take-off. You can add a link to your website.

If you are a blogger, you may notify your followers that a new vid has been added to your YouTube Channel, ask them to watch it and express their opinion. Or whatever, you can send any messages you want. 

The main purpose of auto DMs is to involve your followers in what is going on on your account, in your life and business. The more actively you are establishing the personal contact through DMs, the more engaged your followers will be, and the more your sell consequently.

8. Find the best time for posting, start scheduling

Now let’s consider your content. Apart from the fact that it should be of high quality, it should be carefully planned and posted regularly. Why do you need it?

First and foremost, the content plan is needed if you want to see the broad picture. If you are an aspiring influencer, blogger, or business person, content is an undoubtful must-have. 

Once you make up a plan, do a little research to find the time most appropriate for posting for your TA to see your post 100%. It depends on your niche and time of the day and week, and the timezone of your TA, and who knows what else. Think, when your fans have enough free time to open and app and scroll it a little!

Let us assume that you found these best hours for publishing. Now start scheduling your posts with the help of automation tool. Scheduled posting is developed exclusively for your convenience and promotion efficiency.

Prepare your posts – upload pic/vid/Stories/carousel, add a description, point out the location, add hashtags (see next point), fix that best time and save. 

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If you set the Timezone right, more people will see your publications.

9. Search for the hashtags

It’s strange that hashtags go next-to-last, cause it’s one of the most productive tools for your IG success. You should add hashtags to every post and each time they should vary. To speed up the process of selection of relevant hashtags, some of the bots introduce a hashtag generator. 

It is an in-built AI tool which generates the lists of suitable hashtags based on the info you provide – a keyword, a photo, or a URL. You get two-three lists of tags: relevant popular ones and niche tags.

instagram followers generator

If you ask me what tags serve better, popular, or niche, I would answer that both. You need to combine them to get the maximum. 

You can add up to 30 tags. If you will use all 30, leave them for first comments. Take care of the readers.

10. Watch Statistics and amend the strategy

Those who do not bother to watch the account stats and to analyze all the indexes and rates, you miss the point of the whole process. Only through analyzing the current activity, you can see what works good and what should be improved, where your strategy fails and what its strong points are.

Instagram bots present the statistics both of their activity (number of interactions and attracted users and likes) and the total account stats, including the ER, loyalty rate, and so on. 

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If you see that something can be improved, do that, modify your strategy, and track the results again and again.

The circle has been closed: we started with the strategy and now end with it as well. Now you know how to get Instagram followers fast. You need a helper. Read on how to choose it right!

How to choose an automation tool?

I won’t talk too much that you need to study the market, to read reviews on independent resources (not the official websites). That’s obvious. Let’s talk about the requirements that seem to me not so obvious.

  • cloud service, not the desktop one. The access is possible from any browser 24/7. The desktop app works only when you open the app on your laptop, that holds you back.
  • responsive support. Sounds unusual, but believe my experience, that’s one of the prime importance things. You can easily check it by sending a request to their email, ask about something and wait for a reply. And if there is a Live Chat – that speaks loud for the team liability.
  • number of interactions. The more active the tool is, the faster you will see the desired result. You can estimate that by taking the trial. 
  • safety level. It’s great when a team offers a free proxy for you. Moreover, there shouldn’t be any action blocks from the Instagram side, it speaks about the imperfection of the algorithms which do not act under the IG limits. A trial will show you. 

It makes sense to choose tools which offer at least 3 days trial. In that case, you will be able to estimate the tool more or less.

Why is Ingramer my fav?

Due to my professional field, I have tested a lot of various bots and tools for promotion. So I made up a list of great services for myself. The first place is occupied by Ingramer. And that’s why.

Let’s look at it at through the prism of mentioned above requirements.

First of all, Ingramer is a cloud service. That means you don’t have to download any applications. So it’s convenient to manage all the processes with it. You don’t need to have a PC or laptop to set up a promotion. 

Second, support team. What I noticed is that they always respond. It seems to me that the team really works. There is a Live Chat, which is online every time I visit the page.

Third, Ingramer is second to none when it comes to the number of interactions. It deliver more likes, follows and comments more than any other bot I used.

Ingramer is the most modern of all the bots I’ve tried. Its algorithms is constantly updated to stay in tune with Instagram algorithm changes. That’s why it’s secure enough to use it. And they offer free proxy.

Moreover, it posses all the functionality I need: both posting and DMs and hashtag generator.

Extra means which help the promotion a lot

Before you start actively attracting new followers

1. Write about your concept in Bio. Let it be brief and catching. Write what this account will be about, what its benefit is, how it differs from what is already on the market, what your followers will get. Add a call-to-action.

2. Your avatar should be original and easy-to-perceive: live photo, product display, symbol, or your own logo. Note that it will be small enough; it is hard to see the inscriptions and signatures.

3. Use Stories Highlights to create navigation: the latest collections, information about you, reviews, delivery, how to pay, customers with your products, etc.

4. Synchronize your account with other networks.

5. Switch to the business acc. It will bring you a lot of cool possibilities. 

When you start

6. Make use of your phone contacts. Instagram counts all your contacts, friends on Facebook, etc. You only need to click “Follow all.” in each section. They, in turn, will receive a notification and follow you.

A key role is played by the audience from your contacts and social networks. If you know that among acquaintances there are not so many target audiences for this particular project, it’s better to follow manually, rather than using the “Follow all” button.

7. Add links to your Instagram on other social networks. For a personal account, a link on a personal Facebook page will work well. You can get followers on Instagram through an active link in the description.

8. Mailout with the notification about your Instagram. Send a mailing list or message so that customers know that you now run Instagram. In the message, think of some kind of benefit, bonus, something interesting. Write, for example, that now on Instagram there will be original collections of goods, special offers, and in general – an additional 5% discount for followers is provided.

9. Publish more Stories. The best option is 1-7 Stories per day. You can do this not daily, but systemically. Recent studies show that both brands and personal accounts get more outreach in this way, engaging the audience better.

10.  Do not be ideal ad nauseam (do not even try.) Strong photos and videos on the smartphone, natural environment, normal lighting – all this makes you closer to the audience, so people feel that you are the same as they are.  

11. Publish more video and go Live more often. Regularly. People love it. Why not use the opportunity?

12. Do not be too shy to add call-to-action under your posts. It seems that this is “asking for” likes, but practice shows the opposite. Elementary call “Like, save the post” or “Do you like this idea?” increase audience involvement and coverage.


Of course, all the secrets above will give you the opportunity to positively affect the promotion on Instagram of separate posts in particular, and the whole IG account in general.

But to follow them all is not easy, it will take a lot of time. Promotion on Instagram is a complex set of measures that need to be constantly tested and analyzed. So be prepared for long, hard work on the acc promotion.

However, you can simplify the task for yourself. You can help the process by adopting the automation tool. You already know how to use it so that to get maximum of it. If you take into account all the tips and info you’ve read, you will be able to get your first couple of thousands of new Instagram followers in 1-2 months.

I  can site Ingramer as an example of an efficient and convenient platform on which you can totally and without regrets rely on. It is an advanced automation service which posses a number of cool characteristics which I appreciate most: safety, efficiency, all-round support.

So friends, now it’s your turn to make up your mind. Good luck to you!